Homey or Hue ignores commands

In all these flows Homey or Hue refuses to switch off all the lights, sometimes 1 left on, sometimes 2 and sometimes all the lights go off. It seemes randomly to me. Why this behaviour?

Homey Hue 1
Homey Hue 2

Indeed, Homey can’t switch more than x (say 3, 4) lights at once, as you’ve discovered.

This flow

should work fine, no need for the 1s delays there. But do connect every flow card error output to the input of the next card in line:
When a light errors, the flow continues.

If the flow also results in random hit and miss, you should inspect your zigbee mesh design.
Also check for wifi interference.


If ‘Homey’ means Homey Pro 2023:
You can group those lights with an advanced virtual device for instance.
It sends the on or off commands one by one, instead off all at once.
Looks like this:

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You can also make a group in Hue app and use these tiles to turn on/off all lights in group/room at once:

@Dawid That seems to be the same as the 1st flow in my post, and that doesn’t work right.

@Peter_Kawa I give the AVD a (very) quick try but that seems to be a bit too advanced for me for now. As my 3rd flow also not always works correctly I maybe have to check zigbee and wifi. But what can I do about zigbee? The flow is just about 5 Hue lamps in the kitchen a few meters away from Hue bridge and Homey 2023.

In Hue without Homey it works just fine.

When Homey tells Hue bridge to switch off the lights some of the lights stay on sometimes, this is the case with all 3 flows in first post. Hue bridge without Homey (triggered by a Hue wall switch) works just fine. So I would say there’s nothing wrong with Hue or its zigbee network. But what can I check about the Hue/zigbee mesh?

Yes, switching group should work the same as when using Hue app or remote controller. When you are using switch on/off group block, Homey just sends command to Hue bridge to turn on/off whole group, not separate lights. So it should work fine.

When you are switching on/off separate lights, there are separate HTTP requests, and every client/server has limit of parallel requests. For example web browsers can make only 6-8 simultaneous requests (browser dependent). I bet also Hue has their limits, and requests which are not finished within a certain time, become cancelled.

There might be also problem with ZigBee network. ZigBee uses 2.4 GHz like WiFi network and Bluetooth.
Here you have graph, which channels may interfere:

Check ZigBee channel in Hue app, and WiFi channel on your router.

@RoyWissenburg Yes, see first flow in first post.

I will check the channels after the weekend. Thanks sofar everyone!

First I didn’t notice they where different cards, then I didn’t think they do different things. Offcourse I will try. Thanks for being patient.

Peter, do you happen to know if Homey Pro 23 also struggles when switching many e.g., Zigbee-devices at once? I sometimes encounter this with HP2019, but would really expect Hp23 to solve this with improved antennas, CPU power etc. Such things feed into my decision of upgrading from HP19 to 23 (and whether it should be considered an upgrade in the first place). Sorry for derailing the thread somewhat, but I think it is related to the question in the OP (although the type of HP was never specified).


Not from my own experience, Trond, I’m a happy Pro 2019 user.

The Hue card works flawless, 10 out of 10. This card is for me and for the purpose the best solution. Thanks

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