Flow triggers sometimes don't work

I have been a Homey user for about 1,5 years now and i primaraly use Homey with Fibaro products.

I have some simple flows configured in which light turn on and off.
The primary 2 flows are to switch all the lights on and the other one is to switch all the lights off.

A lot of times some lights don’t turn on and or off… and some times with a long delay.

Does anyone else experiance these problems i’m having. It’s Always been a problem and i was hoping this would have been resolved with updates but unfortunatly this has not been the case.

Please help.

Ps. I already did a full reset of the Z-wave network including a full re-adotion of the devices.

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Can you please share you flows. (Screenshots)

Try adding some delays between the different cards. Now all cards are executed simultaneously possibly flooding the Zigbee/z-wave network.
By adding delays you can prevent all cards from being executed at the same time.

My experience is that using less cards in “then” part its working better.

So spread out the cards over 2 flows and let the second start with the card start af flow.

That depends on your flows. Those flows with a lot devices individually set on/off I agrea. But I have 16 flows with 25 items in the THEN part which work perfect(setting logic variables). As stated above I added to all my flows a 2 second delay in the THEN part. Works perfect now.

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Could be ofcourse, there are several ways to do it. But ading delays is not the best option in my view when its a flow where lights should go on.

Lights on, must be lights on. and not first light 1 2sec later light 2 ect ect

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I agrea roy. Happily zones or grouping has solved many of these issues. And for my livingroom i have intendendly made a flow that takes quite some time untill all bulbs are burning at 100% and at the right color

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My thougts exactly… there are not that many devices that i am trying to switch on or off.

I can try to create a delay between al the individual devices… but as @RoyWissenburg stated… that should not be the way to solve the problem. That’s just a workaround.

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Why not use the “turn on specific devices” flow card, you can select zones that in my experience get switched on very fast…

Same issue here but adding a delay om 16 lights is not an solution for me. I have just asked a question on a norwegian forum to hear how fast their systems are. For me it normaly takes 2-4s to turn on 16 lights but sometimes it takes 10-20s.
I will come back with more info if i get som interesting answers on the other forum.

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As Pascal says why not use the ability of zones or devices. Can’t imagine you have 16 rooms, so when using zones or devices you only have a few commands in the THEN part. Adding delays is a workaround, but better a workaround then a half dark house.

Mhmmmm yeah; but there are many many many workarounds required meanwhile. That’s - let’s say - not very professional.

Looks like people with other systems also have this problem too, even the most used systems like homeseer have the problem.