Lights out, but not all

I’m having a Homey Pro and a lot of Fibaro devices for controlling lights. About 30-40 switches and dimmers. I need a flow to turn oss all the lights, and first tried a flow where the entire group “lights” to be turned off. Almost everyday there was some lights not turning off but the Homey registered them to be off (probably because it had sent the off-command). So when I look in the devices page all lights are off, but I can see some are still on in the room. So have to press the light to turn “on” and then off manually.
Also tried a flow where the Homey actually turns off each light one by one, but same thing happens.
What do to? Can I changes something in the settings on the devices so they send back the information more reliably to Homey?

Had the same experience, apparently the Fibaro device tells Homey that the lights are off but didn’t manage to indeed switch off.
I solved this by checking a minute after turning of whether the power usage is below a certain threshold and if not: switch on and off again…
The repeat the above until the power usage is below the defined threshold

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Switching a lot of devices at the same time from flows has been unstable for a long time, and isn’t limited to Z-Wave (or Fibaro) devices. One common workaround is to switch all devices separately with a delay in between each device (so device #0 with 0 seconds delay, device #1 with 1 second delay, device #2 with 2 seconds delay, etc).

I experienced this a lot also. Everytime some random lights were not turned off. Delays worked sometimes, but still it would fail now and then.
I solved it by adding all Fibaro devices unsecure instead of secure. That does the trick, not a single fail since. But it is not an easy fix, as you need to exclude and re-include eacht device…

Just update to (or wait for) v5 if you have zigbee lights. Zigbee is very stable on v5. Also make sure everything that is connected through a plug that the plug is defined as a light

Hey, I tried putting the delay between each device. It helped but it’s not perfect because almost everytime one light is still on.
Seems I have to try re-including all devices unsecure, not so funny but probably worth it if it works