Help! Homey is not doing as told

Very often Homey will not execute every command in my flows. When “sleep mode” or “away mode” is triggered, usually there is one or two Hue lights or fibaro dimmers that won’t turn off. I have tried setting different delays to the lights, but no improvement!

At first I thought there was to many signals sent at one time. But now, “home mode” won’t even trigger when I come home. And that is ONE virtual device (virtual device app) that won’t turn on… And it used to work before…

I have had these troubles for some time. And I thought it was due to low memory on my first homey. Upgraded to pro, but no different… Also tried resetting it… So Homey is pretty useless for me, I have to check that doors is locked etc…

Anyone have som advice? Close to giving up Homey to be honest…

So many complaints, so little information.

I believe that most people here would like to help you, but could you please provide us with some structure in your complaints and some more information?

For example, pick one flow, show us the entire flow that used to work and now suddenly doesn’t work. Tell us exactly what you have changed, which devices and apps are involved, what you would like the flow to do (not simply ‘work’, but 'turn off all the lights in room x when everyone leaves) and tell us precisely what Homey does and what Homey doesn’t do.

Please know that I’m not saying this to annoy you. I am genuinely willing to help. I also understand the frustration when something doesn’t work as intended, but please understand that we need to be able to identify what is going wrong in order to be able to help you. Based on what you describe, basically everything could be going wrong:

  • Any one of your flow could contain an error
  • Any one of your apps could contain an error
  • Any of your networks (z-wave, zigbee or wifi) could be failing
  • A specific device is failing
  • An Homey update is a causing an error

Well, I think you get the picture. We need to be able to identify exactly what is going wrong.

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At first agree with @Neuron44 at this moment its only time to gamble :wink:

So start with with make sure your presence working correctly.

For lights thats not turing on/off adding delays could work, but from my own experience its better for not having that many actions in the THEN part. Its better in my believe to make more use of “start flow cards” so first lets say 4 lights in one flow and a card start …flow with the next cards. Dont need dalays that way and works 100% for long time.

A bit gambling and a bit of my own experience