Simple light flows does not work

Hi, I am new to Homey, coming from Zipato.

I have created two simple flows for controlling lights.
However light turns on despite the luminescent exceeding the set value. Further another flow made to turn off lights when when luminescent exceeds a set value, does not turn the lights off.

Anyone able to explain whats wrong with the flows?

Looks ok to me. Did you use for the logic part the upper luminance tag? This is the one you have to use. Also for testing what is going wrong, try to delete the other two cards at the AND part. That way you maybe can sort out what the problem is. You can also press the test button(at the bottem right button)and look where your flow refuses to go further. That way you maybe can sort out the problem.

For the 2nd flow u choose the devices card with luminance change.
Sow when luminance change on whatever device (capable of luminance ofc) in ur home u want to shut down the lights?

@Marcel_Ubels, I was running the test and it comes out ok.
Earlier to day the sensor hadde the value of 360 lux, the light still turned on.
@Rocodamelshekima, I sees what you are pointing out. Have made a change to the flow.

You did these two tests at the same time and <200 was ok and also >240 is also ok?
Very strange behavior. Is it the the right motion sensor? Only thing i can come with is are your bulbs at the same spot as the sensor? When your sensor detects motion your flow will run. When your lights are on, the luminance will go up, because of those lamps. Therefore i have made an extra flow which measures the lux only when my bulbs are off. You may also look how often your sensors detects luminance change, maybe that has something to do with this strange behaviour.

No, not as strange as it my seems. Tested with lux >240, and then covered the sensor to test lux <200.
My bulb is close to the sensor. That’s why i have set the lux for turning of the lamp to 240, to avoid the lux to drop below 200 when bulb is turned of.

Earlier to day the sensor reporter lux 360. Still the lamp turned on upon detecting motion, and did not turn of again.

Re. the sensor detection time of lux change. Du you think the detection time should be increased or decreased?

Personally I think maybe the logic card in the flow does not work as it should.

I don’t think the response Time has to do with it, but it is a shot in the dark. You could try deleting the luminance tag, adding it again and instead of choosing the upper tag search for the luminance tag of your device. It shouldn’t differ but who knows.

Have already tried to change between the tags, to no avails. :slightly_smiling_face:
I vil try to remove the other cards on the “and” section, as you suggested earlier.

Thanks for taking time to help.

Was sure -until you asked, so checked again. :wink: And yes they are the same.

A smal update. I made some changes in the flows, made them simpler. Now they works as intended.