An easy advanced flow, or so I thought. Please help :-(

This flow is not working as intended. Is there someone that can see if there is something I done wrong?

Motion activated and the luminans is less than 12 then lit 2 lamps. If another lamp in the house is turned off start a 5 minutes timer then turn off lights.
If the other lamp is on stop the flow, and let the 2 lights be on.

If the “other” lamp is on it works fine. If not it seems like the timer is ignored and the lamps flickers on and off as I walk by the motion detector.

A bit hard to see in your language but the “if another lamp is turned off” part seems a bit strange.
You should probably split it in different parts each with its own trigger.

When you install Device Capabilities, you can import working template flows
Like this one f.i.:

It’s pretty straightforward to import it from within the app settings:

Screenshot from 2022-10-06 21-57-13

And let me know when you need help with using the Template, but like @Peter_Kawa said, it’s pretty easy to use and the flow Peter send you ise indeed the one you want :wink:

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Thnx for your replay. “Another lamp” is just a IF. IF OFF continue next. IF ON Stop.

@Arie_J_Godschalk and @Peter_Kawa Will look in to that :slight_smile: Good to know.

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Maybe there is another flow also working on these lamps? It does not make sense that they are turned off immediately. If the “IF” condition would not be working, they would just never go out.

I think this should do the trick, there should be an All between the turning on the lights and the “check” if the other light is off.

This makes sure that both lights are turned on before continuing with the check if the second light is on or off

Okay, I will try. Ended up with this. (Thnx @Peter_Kawa and @Arie_J_Godschalk )

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You could remove the All after the luminans 12 just draw 3 lines to the cards.
Same is for the timer is finished, remove the all after the timer finished and draw 2 lines to the cards.

If I understand your text correctly, this should work

Yes that should work.

I have something similar working at home for me:

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