Motion en licht flow

ik heb vandaag mij aquara motion sensors binnegekregen en wil deze op de boven verdieping gaan gebruiken elke op een losse kamer. Ik vind nu niet echt hoe ik hier een mooie flow voor kan maken.

Ik ben nu opzoek naar een flow lamp aan bij motion detection en weer uit naar 60 seconden(alleen als het relatief donker is).

Heb al even gekeken maar kom er niet helemaal uit.

Alvast bedankt!

Sorry, I need to use the translator.
Building such is easy.
There are 2 Problems to solve:

  1. Automatic Light Control
  2. Measure Environment Light Level whilst ignoring the light produced by the light source

To do this properly we first need to solve Problem 2.
What I did is create a logic variable which is update with the measure light of the room when the sensor sends an update. But I only do this when the light in the room is off (by condition card)

Then you would want to look into the Zones feature. A zone becomes active when a motion sensor assigned to that zone triggers. So you need to create a flow which will turn on the light devices in a zone when the zone active trigger card is fired. Then add a logic compare condition to that flow which checks your logic variable for the light in the room against your defined threshold.

Finally add a thrid flow which uses the Zone became inactive for… trigger card to turn the lights off again.

Take a look at the timer app, its has most of the features build in.

This 1st flow is a trigger flow, triggered by the motion detector.
The “AND” makes sure it only runs when the room is dark (lux<9)
I prefer to use a virtual device for my “scenes” see my post on “ how to structure your flows”
You can replace it by a “start this flow” command

The second flow Is a “scene” flow. It is started by the previous flow

Hello what I have now is this.

It works oke the timer is in the device itself. The only thing i notice is that the sensor gets triggered bij te other lights. is there something i can do about that?

1 motion sensors reacton changing heat.
You can change the pointing of your motionsensor so it does not look at the heatsource
Or you can replace the light by a led light. That produces much less heat so the chance is the kotion sensor wont see it
Or change the sensitivity of the sensor (if possible)

I don’t really see the need for the countdown app in this scenario. But that might be perosnal preferrance.
One benifit of using the zones feature was that I can have any light and any motion sensor in the zone and it would trigger and toggle with proper timeouts when the zone becomes inactive.
For me this had 4 major benefits:

  1. No additional app required
  2. Easy to exchange or add sensors
  3. Just any light in the zone is toggled
  4. No need to change any flows if the equipment in the room requires to be exchanged

Effectively, less complexity and better maintenability.

I replaced the motion sensor to a different corner now it works oke !