Motion, lighting flow doesn’t work anymore

After a power outage* I have a weird problem. I have two motion sensors in a room connected to a set of hue lights. The problem: the lights don’t go on when there is motion.

  • homey reports an active room and both of the sensors report motion within the homey app.
  • the lights work, they can be controlled through the hue app.
  • the flow hasn’t changed.

First I thought it were the ongoing Zigbee problems with the homey 2023 I still have. But after all the individual things that donators, it cannot be that. Other rooms in the house, with the same setup, still work. What is going on? And how can I fix it?

  • not sure if the outage broke things. But in my mind it seems the turning point

Have you tried creating a new flow that does the same?

Now I did… nothing.