Different behaviour for a flow

[Homey Pro early 2023]
Hi. I wonder about an advanced flow that behaves differently depending if I start it from my.homey.app or if i start it from my android Homey app. Is this a known issue? Homey support directs me directly to the community.

I created an adv flow to:

  1. Turn two IKEA trådfri lamps off
  2. Change colors to red
  3. Set a delay of 1 sec for lamp A.
  4. Dim lamp B 5-100%-5%, duration 1 sec.
  5. Set a 1 sec delay for lamp B
  6. Dim lamp A 5-100%-5%, duration 1 sec.
  7. Repeat 3-6 a couple of times then turn the lamps off.

It works as intended when I start the flow from the PC. But when I start from the Android app:

  1. Neither lamp turns off.
  2. Both lamps starts with 5% dim, and red. The dim level for either lamp does never change from 5%.
  3. After 1 second lamp B turns off.
  4. After another 0.5 sec lamp A turns off.
  5. The end.

From the browser are you using test mode or are you “playing” the flow with right-click Start?
Test mode is slow. Try adding a trigger like time to ensure the flow starts real-time.

When you start from Android, you are probably using Start?

When running real time, your lamps may not like being switched at the same time. Show the flow?

First of all, welcome to the Homey Community!

To make sure you are aware of the forum rules, please read the Welcome to the forum post here.

As for your question, a screen shot of your advanced flow would be useful in helping you.

First of all, thanks and don’t judge me by this flow. I am only playing around :^)

Starting from web browser works 100% correct.

In the android app I’ve tested to start by clicking the green play button and to start from a standard flow. Same bad result.

Thanks. Read and understood.

I have no experience with Ikea Zigbee lamps other than Hue directly connected to a Hue bridge.

The blue arrow is the test mode. You can start the flow also by right clicking its name.

Th real-time mode seems to fail for you and I suggest to disconnect the flow to start the second lamp and try again to see if it is executed 100% in real-time. Then you have an almost sure conclusion that dimming of two lamps should not be simultanously.

Then try them with a delay so that the various cards do not overlap in time. Once you are familiar with Tadfri and Homey interaction, then you can try to improve by using the groups app.

There should be a lot of people here that have your lamps as well.

Another thought: have you tried the Turn on card before changing the dimming?

Firstly, it is not the Android app, it is starting from test mode or starting “for real” that differs, thanks for the pointer.

At home and testing. A shorter flow involving Zigbee (IKEA), a Z-wave dimmer (Qubino flush dimmer) and a 433 MHz switch. The dimmables supports “Duration”.

Again, starting in “test mode” is a bit slow but results in an expected behaviour.

Starting in “real-time mode”, either from PC or Android app, the dimming seems to be executed asynchronously. The 2 second delay is started immediately, does not wait for the dimming up to 100% to end. So after 2 secs after starting the flow, the 433 MHz switch is toggled. The dimmables are not able to reach 100% before they start to dim to 0%.

So my theory is that the dimming with a duration is done synchronously in test mode, and asynchronously in real-time mode. Does that make sense?

Edit: Removing IKEA trådfri and setting the delay to 1 sec toggles the switch after one second and the flow is over after 4 seconds. So Qubino and IKEA has the same duration bug, or Homey has a bug.

Yes I had something similar with hue in the legacy hue app.

Dimming could take very long.

Alternatively set lights to turn on at 100% as 3s is very short anyway. Then dim them