Startup flow does not execute

I’ve created a flow that is supposed to execute after startup (this option is only available if you enable the ‘power user’ experimental feature). The flow only switches off one light, a zigbee driver.
When I test the flow it works as expected, however when I reboot Homey is doesn’t run. Does someone know if I can check logs anywhere to see if it is executed but, for example, encountered an error?

Maybe it is executed before the Zigbee network is initialized?

Did you add a delay for as long Homey needs to reboot and to load the apps and devices?

Try with adding a notification, push msg or log entry and you will see it works. Zigbee is still slow to initialize and the app should also be loaded. Test it with a restart then test when it works after the restart to verify the delay necesary then change the delay in the flow.

I’ve added a 2 minute delay, that does not do the trick. Do you have an idea about how much time it takes to init the zigbee network?

The push message arrives, so yes the flow seems to work.
When I restart the homey I can control the lights after 1 minute. Tried to set a delay of 240 seconds in the flow, but still the light stays on.

Can you try to start flow 2 with a delay of fe 240 seconds and switch the light in flow 2?

This seems to work. I don’t know why, do you have an explanation?

It looks like Homey checks the device at the start /execution of the flow,
If it is unavailable it will not delayed switch it.
The check is delayed by starting the second flow with the delay.

Do the homey devs read this forum as well? Or is there another way to inform them about this (I would call it) bug?