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Can Homey execute a flow upon reboot?

Having read a lot about Homey going/being offline on this forum, I’m happy to have none of these problems. Still, my Homey sometimes needs to reboot itself and I’m OK with that – as long as it doesn’t happen too often. I understand apps and Homey’s own software need to be updated regularly. I can live with waiting for a few minutes when that happens.

What I don’t like is that sometimes things have not happened when they should have. Example: I have a couple of lights outside, that are controlled by two simple flows. Switch on at sunset, switch off at sunrise. When Homey happens to be doing its own thing right at these moments , the lights stay off all night, or on all day.

Of course as Homey comes back up after having done its own thing, it can have no clue of what should have occurred in the meantime. So it would be nice to have a flow that checks if the current time is within a few minutes after sunset and the lights are off, in which case it switches them on. That flow should be triggered each time Homey starts up, like the good old autoexec.bat on MS-DOS machines (yes, I’m that old!).

As far as I can see, triggering a flow upon a system boot is not possible. Am I right? Is there an app for that? Or can anyone think of a different approach to this problem?

There’s a “Homey has started” flow trigger, which possibly will only appear if you turn on the “Power user” experiment in Homey’s settings.

And, the Homey “doing its thing” activity happens overhere at 2AM UTC, which is not interrupting anything here.

But agreed, it’s a bit weird you can’t do something like:
Homey has restarted
“Execute time triggered flows which would have run between the update and restart timeframe”

Disable Homey- and all app auto-updates.
To be notified about new firmware and app versions, install Homey Community Store,
and after a succesful install, the
App Version Checker app.
Then you can update what and when at your likings

Thanks both of you. I activated ‘Power user’ and found the ‘Homes has restarted’ trigger.

@Peter_Kawa: My Homey does its errands around midnight, missing the flow upon my arrival when I come home at that time. Looks like I’ve got that fixed now.

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