Run HomeyScript after boot

I created an Advanced flow which initializes some stuff after a reboot (which is daily triggert at a certain time at night).
I use the Homey Started trigger as starting point… Logica flows seem to work, but if I want to run a HomeyScript, it gives the error that the Flow chart is not available (possibly my Homey is still starting up??). I added a “wait” between the Homey start trigger, and the HomeyScript flow chart… but this seems to break the chain too…

Does anyone have the same experience, and came up with a solution to bypas it?

If you’re rebooting your Homey at a specific time each night, why not trigger the Homeyscript flow 10 or 15 minutes later?

The issue is very likely the Homeyscript app not being loaded yet when the “Homey has started” card is triggered.

Yes that could be a possibility… it seems the start Homey trigger, has some flaws then. I’m not sure if it’s limited to the HomeyScipt App itself, because it seems the “wait” action (which is now available in Advanced Flows), does not work either.

It just works differently from what most people expect :man_shrugging:t3:

I can imagine that Homey will not start a flow if it thinks the flow is broken (even if it will probably work after the delay).

thanks for the advice, I’ll change it back and use an other timed trigger 15min. later.

You can use the (new) card from Device Capabilities / Apparaat mogelijkheden - Test Version | Homey:

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Also a conditioncard (And): Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices - Apps - Homey Community Forum

So you can use this:

Sorry for dutch: “Apparaat mogelijkheden” means “Device Capabilities”

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That makes sense, the apps start after a reboot :slight_smile:. I’ll try that one out! Thanks

Since Device Capability might start after HomeyScript, you would also need to check that, just like the image in my previous post.
You can enable this flow after Reboot (You have homey set on Power User mode i guess) and thisable it after execution.

Good luck!

BTW, These cards will also execute after an App Update or App Restart.

I’m testing it out atm… thanks for this App.
It seems I need to keep in account the install order of the apps… afaik older apps start first. So in case of an app update I need to make sure the flow continues. See the following; After a reboot I’ll trigger if “Apperaat Mogelijkheden” has started, in this case I assume “HomeyScript” is allready running, or if “HomeyScript” has started, which I assume “Apperaat Mogelijkheden” allready is running:

Is this assumption correct?

I’m aware of the start trigger, so I set a variable after a Homey Restart action (bDailyreboot), I use this variable to make sure I only continue if it is set to true (which offcorse will be reset afterwards).

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After a reboot, this flow will be executed twice: at least one time with HomeyScript running, the other time HomeyScript might be running or not. So as long as you make sure this flow only runs one time after reboot, this should work!

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