Countdown flow does not work after restart Homey


I want to have the MQTT application restart when homey starts / restarts after 120 seconds.

The flow I am doing so. But it doesn’t work properly. When homey restarts, the countdown cards show “unavailable card” and the timer does not start.

If I do a “test” the flow works perfectly.

Any ideas?

Thank you!!!

You need to put some delay for the flow, because after Homey restart it take time to load and activate all the apps.

Hi @Igy

Either I’m not doing well, or the “Homey has started” target doesn’t launch any action.

I have tried this flow. And it does not work. After the restart of Homey, it does not trigger the flow.

But, I’m probably doing it wrong.

Why not simply use:

When “Homey has started”
Then “Restart MQTTT Hub” (with a delay of 120 seconds)

My Spanish isn’t great, but I’m pretty sure your When card isn’t “Homey has started” but “This flow has started”.

Hi @robertklep

Sorry for my English. True, I was referring to this target. It is a system target that says “homey has started”.

If that doesn’t work as expected, you should probably post a support request because it sounds like a bug.

Hi @robertklep and @PetervdK

It really works well.

Much easier and easier than I wanted to do it.

Thank you very much for the help!!!

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