Problem with Countdown app

Does anyone else have problems with the countdown app? Have been using it for the past year with no problems. But all of a sudden when I create a flow to start the countdown based on a motion sensor I get -1… Tried with 3 different sensors, reincluded devices, and restarted the app. But, nothing works.

Can u post a screenie of ur flow and maybe check if ur motion sensor is not being stuck in motion?

Yes. Done this 30 time before and it has worked, so this is weird.
Tried with Neocool cam motion sensor, Aeotec multisensor, and hue motion. All the same

Maybe try to add a notification to ur phone with the flow. Or are the strips acting ok and it’s just the countdown card?

Did that as well, without to much luck. Got in a few push messages from the sensors, but not all. But when it worked I switched the flow to turn on the lights, and then I didn’t work anymore. So I really don’t know wether its the sensors or homey, or the app. Tried changing battery today as well, but no luck

Maybe , instead of restart the app, try disable the app and then enable?

Tried that as well. Was thinking of removing it completely, but im afraid the flows that work will stop working then

Yeah, best keep that as a last option.
Which Homey Firmware are u on and which version of the countdown app?
Anything changed lately?

Im on 1.5.13, and the latest of the app. It has been a few firmware versions since I last made a flow with the countdown so Its probably a few differences. Does it work without problems for you?

Yep. Maybe try a PTP.
PTP=Pull The plug out of her, wait for like 11.2 minutes just to be sure all is cooled down and the put it back in. Wait for it to reload and see what happens. Just be patient with a PTP. Don’t panic if something goes a bit different then normal.

Which one?

Im using this app:

But eitherway, I was able to trigger the countdown app via the test button indeed, so I was pretty sure it was my devices. But then I tried using my door sensor as a trigger for the app, and again got -1. And I’m 100% sure the door sensor works.

Then I started switching around on 2 sensors, and boom all 3 of them works. Absolutely no idea what caused it. Tried every single trick for about 2 days now.

@Dabon I’m also on 1.5.13 and latest CountDown app (by Ralf van Dooren). And my timer goes to -1 as well. So you’re not alone.

Yeah… I wish I had either an explanation or a solution for you, but my sensor just magically started working again so…

I see this a lot when it comes to Homey…don’t you want to rely on the stable working of homey? I also use the Countdown app for presence, but it’s not stable at all. I can have 1 or 2 days where everything works fine (including notifications) and suddenly it stops working or it’s only working partly. The flows are simple. Door closes (I get a notification), countdown starts for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes if Countdown reached 0 and my wifi is disconnected I’m away. 50% of the time it works. I’ve tested it by being home, I open/close door, I get the notification door is closed, I disconnect my wifi manually and wait for 10 minutes. Sometimes it says I left, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m really wondering why.

I hope that version 2.0 is a lot better (can’t wait to install the stable version),.

I also noticed that the countdowns in the settings --> Countdown don’t countdown anymore in the app (in the background it does). When I click on something else and go back to countdown the number is lower. This worked till about 2 days ago.

Hey gentlemen, I use this topic form solving my issue. I use the Countdown app by Ralf. I am not able to delete unwanted counter in app setting. When I press delete it disappears but when I come back into settings its back in the list. Its like “save button” is missing. Thanks

I noticed the same.

I figured out the alternative solution. In the app setting Export the setting and delete necessary raws in code. Click Delete all and import the adjusted code. The flows which are unchanged work fine after import. Cheers

I have a flow which closes blinds when it starts to rain or rain is expected. A countdown Raintimer (15 minutes) is started to prevent opening and closing too often by checking if it is still raining. If rain hasn’t stopped, the countdown Raintimer restarts. If raining has stopped AND logic daughterasleep = NO then countdown Raintimer stops and blinds will open.

At 20:15 the blind closes every day, the countdown Raintimer is stopped and logic ‘daughterasleep’ changes to yes. This way i want to prevent that the countdown Raintimer starts over night.

Somehow there are situations where the countdown timer starts during the night eventhough the only trigger to start this countdown is “IF Raintimer is empty”

Is it possible that a Countdown flow randomly triggers when IF is configured as “If hourglass Raintimer is empty”? (because when an hourglass is empty it is still empty one hour later and could trigger the flow one hour later?)