Help with Flow Request

G’day, I’m new to Homey Pro and I’m having a few issues I’m hoping someone here can help me before I give up.
Firstly, I have setup Homey Pro and it seems to work, I have watched many videos on Flows etc. But I can’t seem to automatically trigger anything.

Could some body please show me a flow that turns a switch or light on at Sunset & off at Dawn. I know that this is an incredibly simple task but I can’t get it to work at all!

I would prefer a complex Flow example but I’ll take anything please.

I’m using Homey Pro, Win10, Android, Lifx Bulb & Kasa/TP Link plug/switch

Many thanks


Start with a normal flow and share it here so we can see what you don’t see😉
You start here:

First of all, welcome to the Homey Community!

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The reason I didn’t originally post these Is because I can not find a sunset trigger?

Can not find or could not find. “The sun sets in 0 min” is a trigger card. Or don’t you think so?

I can not understand this flow, to much toggling. I cannot see the logic.
Start with : when sun rises switch on lamp. If that works extend your flow step by step. And you will see where you think the wrong way.

Thanks, I was just trying various methods and not getting anywhere which is why I was simply asking for an example from an expert.

It is best when you are able to detect your own thinking failures, as discussions in text are very communication intensive. For example,

  1. why do you first toggle on/off and then 6 seconds later switch it on or of
  2. why is there a delay of 6 seconds anyway?
  3. if the sun rises, it is day time, isn’t it?

It looks you have two or even more ways of thinking(algorithms) implemented in one flow.

Because I’m new to the system and I was just testing and trying things, it works in testing but won’ t auto trigger. I wasn’t intending to post it, you asked.
I was just asking the forum for a working example to to test auto triggering. But that doesn’t seem possible, never mind & thank you for responding to my question.
Stringify was so simple!

Hé, I understand your frustration, but if I gave you an example, I have to type it in too? Or at least guard you through the typing proces and explain where you can find commands and which mouse clicks to perform.
And the normal flow you show above, would be my first example and should be working. Start it with the test button to see see if the WHEN part works as expected. And if you don’t want to wait til sunset, trigger it at the current time plus a few minutes.

I assume he wanted to avoid the lamp being switched on when it should actually be switched off, and vice versa. This can happen if you use the toggle flow card and state of the lamp is not the right one. But of course, the toggle flow card is in fact the simplest variant, however, this flow card is also very error-prone.

Even experts are advised to KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.:wink:

Here are some different flows with the same result, if the lamps have the right state in the first flow:

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You are very user friendly :heart:

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Thx for the flowers :wink:

However, I also like your way of not posting the result directly (as a flow), but only pointing out possible ways.
However, I also notice over and over again that people don’t understand or misunderstand something and the whole thing ends up in an endless thread. And sometimes it also helps to show the solution so that the way is understandable.

@DirkG I can especially understand the last part of you.
Some people (me sometimes) are not very good with flows and often think too difficult.
If a flow is showed as an example, you can continue working with it.
And then you can do it yourself if all goes well.

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