Sunset Flow

Hi Im new to Homey but Im coming already pretty far compare to my old system from Zipato. However now I have a flow which I can’t get to run. Here is what I like to do.

When outside light is turn on and it is after sunset then turn on the lights and start next flow

Second Flow
When it is 23:59 turn off the lights

Some how the light is not turning on. If I test the flow it seems to work

Your “start flow” will ignore (overwrite) the time of your second flow, so it will immediately turn off the lights again.
You can still use the time as trigger in the second flow, just use the “is on” card from the 2 lights (in an OR way).

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Will try it tonight, THX for the input

Hi the light went on for a second and the turned of. What can I do now


from the first flow, it starts the flow that switches the light immediately off

Understood, however I get the light turn on. That’s seems to work also the flow turning the light off. But I want the light turn on at Sun Set and turn off ad midnight 23:59. How can I combined that.

So maybe you want

You need a trigger to start a flow. In your first flow the trigger is “Aussenbeleuchtung angeschaltet”.
So your first flow work like this:
When you switch on the “Aussenbeleuchtung - Zuhause” and it’s after sunset, then switch on “Aussenbeleuchtung/Garage - Umgebung”.

But what you want is, what @Dijker posted:
When the sun sets, then turn on the lights.

It works now