Advanced flow to turn on lights at sunset

For the past few days, the lights no longer turn on when the sun sets. There have been no changes to the settings. The strange thing is that they do turn off at sunrise. What am I doing wrong?

I think nothings wrong. Can you turn on the lights on the app?

Yup, that just works. When I test the flow, the lights also just turn on. Strange, isn’t it?

Just rebuild your flow.

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Great proposal, I’ll give it a try.

No, not strange. When testing a flow, we replace the flow trigger by a start button.
So, when solely the trigger is the problem, testing a flow will always succeed.

Isn’t there any other flow doing that?
I can’t imagine the “sun sets in 15m” card triggers at sunrise.

Also, is your Homey time still correct?
Force it to reset by moving the location pointer to another timezone, wait for a minute, and move it back to your real location.
While there are enough posts about the native sun trigger cards acting as driven by Jupiter:
As an alternative, consider using the Sun Events app.

Can you add a timeline or push notification card to the sun trigger card? Then you’ll know a bit more about what/when.

It is true that there is another flow that turns off the lights at sunrise. That one is working fine. And this flow has always worked until a few days ago. Time is correct, location adjusted and reset, and a restart performed.

Yesterday, I installed the Sun Events app and hope that everything will turn on again at sunset.

Thanks for the tip about the notification. If it doesn’t work this afternoon, I will add that.

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Like every day, today the sun has set again, and now the outdoor lights just turned on. Thanks for all the help.

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