Sunrise not working


I have Homey 2.1.2 with X10 light switches. The flows for sunset/sunrise worked flawlessly till 2 weeks ago (ca.)
In the evening, the lights go on perfectly, but the lights don’t go off after sunrise. This normally worked fine. The sun rises in the Netherlands before 6 AM atm, but my lights stay on all day.
The X10 controller is working fine since manual on/off work fine, and also the lights go on by sunset.

I already created new flows, but still the issue persist.

Hope you can help me.

There are (at least) three possible causes for this problem:

  • the “sunrise” trigger doesn’t work
  • the X10 action doesn’t work
  • the entire flow doesn’t work

You have to find out which of these is causing your problem, because the solution depends on it.


  • do other flows using the “sunrise” trigger still work?
  • what happens if you test the flow?

Hi Robert,

I was just looking at the time of sunrise here in NL. That is 05:39. I have a flow where the lights go on at 06:00, till sunrise. It’s spring now, so the 06:00 on happens AFTER sunrise… stupid me…
I changed the lights on to 05:00, and I assume this issue is solved now. The sunrise will not be earlier than 05:00 ever in NL so that should not be an issue anymore.

This issue is closed.

Thanks for you help, I needed it to think about this issue and you made me do that.

Kind regards,


You could prevent switching it on in the first place by checking if sunrise already happened. Then it won’t consume energy for nothing for some time… :innocent:

Good one. Added the option.