Problems with the "Daytime" not set correctly

I have a flow with “during daytime”, which isn’t working. Tonight the flow still continues as ‘before sunset’, while it was already after sunset. The time on my Homey is correct and the variable ‘sunset’ is also correct. When I change ‘during daytime’ with 2 separate checks ‘after sunset’ and ‘before sunrise’ is works correctly. What could be the issue?

I don’t see a trigger “when it’s daytime” in Homey.

Pls share your flow.

I meant “during daytime”. Tonight at 19:00 h it followed the flow “true”, where it was already after sunset.

Have you read the Tip?

in dutch the Explanation: Schemering - Wikipedia

That’s very useless then… Thanks. To my option “schemering” ends when the sun has set. Then I need the light to turn on bright and not like it’s daylight… But I’ll try “During nighttime”, maybe that’s what I need.

There is a dutch app called zonnestanden, maybe that is a solution.

Sometimes a light sensor’s luminance value is a better condition, when you need the lights to turn on/off at a more certain and exact daylight level.