Switching outside lights at solar events doesn't work reliably, sometimes not at all

Created a flow to turn on outside lights at Sunset and another to turn off at Sunrise…but it run’s at irregular times or not at all…

Does this look like 'm missing something? When I run the test is gives all green checks…

Thanks in advance and I searched but am pretty new to Homey so I turn to you all.

Your flow looks fine.
Are the lights connected via another bridge?

Maybe you have schedules in the other bridge that trigger the light…

To troubleshoot flows you can use the simple log app. That way you can trace back when the flow has triggered.

Thanks!! The lights are all connected to a Lutron Bridge. No other schedules on it. I’ll get the log app and take a look. Appreciate it!!

Flow looks fine. But the And-card looks a bit useless. Why you add it?

Instead of using the app voor logging; you could also try to add cards to put info in your timeline or send a notification. So you can check when it runs to make sure it is because of this flow.

Also you could check the timeline in your devices to see if it gets turned on by the flow or for some other reason.

Also you can check this: Problems with Sunset Flow Card

Yes, that’s because the test does not test the SUN event trigger, which can be (part) of the problem.
I’ve seen several unreliable sun events issues, consider using the Sun Events app instead.

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Thanks for all the help!!

Dirk, copy about the title and thanks for fixing it.

Peter, I deleted the flows and created new ones in Advanced flows (seems much more straight forward using the Advanced) using the Sun Events app. That seems to have fixed the issue!!!

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