Am I doing something stupid?

I may have just confused myself with which category to post this in, so many apologies if I have put it somwhere it shouldn’t be!

I am having great fun with advanced flows, in particular the fact I can have multiple triggers. However, I may have gotten myself stuck. In the attached example, will Homey know to check the “and” statement regularly or more than once?

Basically, the modes are covering a whole bunch of automation, so daytime turns things off and on everyday. However, if the light % outside is low (grey, wet, dull and horrible) then its going to do something different.

My question is, say its a nice sunny day when that happens but an hour later it goes disgusting, will homey know that, from this flow?

Thanks in advance!

The And cards only gets ‘read’ when a triggercard fires.
When you want a light dependable flow, add something like this to your flow:
(LichtsterkteNEP% is just my name for your Light Percentage tag)

Got it, I had thought that would be the most likely case but because I have an OCD, I liked to have all the modes on one flow… :crazy_face:

Thank you for your help

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You can do it within one Aflow, just connect the blue output of the “is is-it-TooDarkOutside” logics card to the any card in front of your “is turned off” card

Got it… Doing that prompted me to use my big brain and I found a solution. The app i am using for light % did not have an obvious triggercard but the “change” trigger included the light % so problem solved!

Thanks again,

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