Advanced Flow repetitions

Evening all,
I have begun to rebuild a few parts of my Homey structure, I don’t know why and I probably already wish I hadnt!

I have a bunch of things working really well… like managing actions at times of day, weather etc etc… those triggers all work really nicely. Using groups I had lights that all actioned when something happened, which was fine.

Now that I have updated my rooms with motion and door sensors, it makes no sense to have lights on in a room from 6pm that wont be accessed until 10pm, so I started breaking down the apps for certain rooms. That has now led to the creation of about 20 new flows, not a real issue but, confusing.

Looking for advice on best practice for this use case and how others do it? The only other option I can think of, is create a master flow (per room) for each time of day (x6) and have that check and repeat itself but only action on Motion or Door open?

Again, happy with the programing, not so sure on the structure and how to compile it easily!

Any help much appreciate!

Have you looked into Zone Activity?

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