Tips asked for organising (advanced) flows

I am rebuilding my ‘normal’ flows in advancedflows. Till now I had my flows organised by floor and room. Somewhere I saw someone make one lighting-flow for his entire home. What argument could help to make a choice? Now I think of make one advanced flow per room (lighting, scenes, sound, etc etc etc) and one for ‘safety’ (including camera’s, doorbell, fire-alarm, co-alarm), one for ‘watering plants’ (in and outside) and one for ‘lighting in traffic-spaces (hall, stairs runways etc)’ and one for ‘energy’ (solar, thermostats). I guess there are different preferences, but what could be smart? And why?

A hint: When my canvas gets too big, it slows my browser down to almost non-responsive.
And all the scrolling up-down left-right and zooming in out gets annoying (to me), while I don’t have a 70" screen here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: