Homey flow: logical tests AND OR NOT

Good evening everybody!

I’m using the Homey flow application to make my flows and I’ve a “stupid” question… How can I change the logical test AND in a OR fonction???

Ex. WHEN sunset in 15 minutes OR sunrise in 30 minutes THEN turn lights garden on

Thanks à lot !!!

It’s not possible to use more then one trigger…So I think it’s not possible in one flow. The trigger is “Sunset in 15minutes” in a flow and the other flow starts with “Sunrise is in 30minutes”

Hi Marc, THX for the answer. I was searching for a while and I didn’t find a solution. I will do it like you said. Do you know if there’s somewhere a “manual” for this application?

nice evening!!!

There is no manual for making flows, but I think if you will search on this forum there a lot of flows that people are sharing.
Also on facebook you can find a lot of flows on the page of Domoticahuis.

And then there is also the athom support site (https://support.athom.com/hc/nl/sections/360002048973-Flow) where you can find some explanations.

And don’t forget the flows category, just here on the forums!

Yeah, I learned already a lot with this forum. Very interesting but sometimes a jungle to find things…

Yesss, I had already a look… thx !!!