Hi I have outdoor lights where I have created a flow to switch them on at sunset.

I then have another flow to switch them off at 11.15pm.

Can this be combined in to one flow and if so how would you achieve it

I do not see an easy way to have one fliow.
If the “on” time was fixed you could add an “off” with a delay, but sundown is not a fixxed time.

On the other hand:
Why do you want to merge them into one flow?
It would make the flow more complex. And therefore more risk on issues.

I would even recommend to spilt both flows into 2 flows:
A trigger flow: when sundown, then start flow “outdoor lights on”
And a action flow (a scene) “outdoor lights on”: When this flow is started Then switch on outdoor light 1, outdoor light 2.

This way you can use the 1st flow to starten even more flowd (at sundown) like close curtains etc

And the second flow can also be triggered by other flows like when 6:40 AND sun is not up then start flow “ outdoor lights on”

Adds much more flexibility…


Good food for thought, thanks. I’m new to Homey and wasn’t sure if I was being a bit too basic but looks like I’m not :grin:

What I did is create a few “scenes” = action flows that set the lights to a desired state:
They start with a “when this flow is started”

  • livingroom dimmed -> set all my lights in the livingroom to a preferred dimmed level and color usef every evening
  • livingroom bright= Sets the light to brighter and whiter
    These scenes are triggered by several trigger flows:
    1 when the cleaninglady is in, she needs a bit more light
    2 but also when motion is detected in the garden while I am off to bed
    3 or when my home allsrm is triggered or etc…

This way you do not need to define the scene every time
And if you want to change the scene, you just change it once…

Good luck creating your flows!

If you are looking for the simplest solution (or others seeing this in the future) it would be to turn the lights off after a set number of hours rather then at a specific time.

Just set a turn off when ever the sun sets, with a (for example ) three hour delay.

If it has to be 11:15pm then it looks like @Fkey has you covered :P-)