Andvanced outdoor light scheduling

I’m new to Homey and migrating some of my scattered integrations into Homey. One integration I am using is Philips Hue outdoor lights and Philips Hue outdoor sensor. I’m trying to setup a flow that mimics what Hues app does. I’ve been tinkering with it but can’t get it right.

Here is the hue screen that has the logic:

Essentially if the sun is down ( you could even use the hue luminance property but in my experiments I was using honeys built in logic - maybe that also uses device luminance but doubt it’s that smart ) and there is a high confidence ( medium sensitivity maybe ) then turn on all outdoor lights bright for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes return to the previous state of the hue zone ( example: if it’s before bedtime it would be on a scene of its after bed time it would be off - getting that from homey ).

Would love to hear thoughts and ways this would be possible … I’m sure others would like this too!

If you’re using advanced flow:

  • start with a WHEN card - motion detected by the Hue sensor (not sure what you mean about high confidence, your screenshot just looks like it’s triggered when motion detected)
  • then wire that into a bunch of AND cards for your conditions: time between 11pm and 8am or time is between sunset and sunrise or whatever - if you’ve got multiple conditions wire them all into an "all’ connector
  • then wire that to THEN cards for turning lights on and starting a 5 minute delay
  • wire the 5 minute delay to more cards for what you want to happen next. Sounds like you have some concept of ‘scenes’ somewhere in which case you’d need another condition (AND) card checking the scene state and then wire THEN cards into that to return lights to an appropriate state depending on the scene

That’s about as specific as I can get based on the info you’ve provided. If you need more specific instructions, you’ll need to provide more specific info.

Hope that helps

Here are the two flows I currently have but it doesn’t know how to handle the previous scenes.

The first flow is the evening lights flow that turns on lights in the evening and off at night. The second flow is a security flow that will trigger lights to turn on at night if the outdoor sensor detects motion ( could also use unifi or contact sensors to trigger this though ).

It is not easy to understand what you want with the flows. (That’s a general problem, a formal specification or a correct flow diagram is required for correct understanding). I would suggest to start with simple flows to build up the case and discussion.

The first card is:
WHEN the zone becomes active
AND it it is dark
THEN turn on the lights.

The second flow is:
WHEN the zone becomes inactive for 10 minutes
THEN switch of all lights

By using zone activity you don’t have to use a timer.

If you make another flowchart switching on the lights at a specific time, you will need some logic to prevent the lights being switched of by the second flow. For example adding a time specification when the flows are allowed to run.