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Hi, just bought a homey last month and installed a lot of hardware and now im trying to get more experience of flows, in particular im looking for help with the following flow.

Nest Cam Outdoor senses motion and brings on outdoor lights for 60 seconds then lights switch off. The same lights are on a timer so i only need to flow to work between 11.15pm and 05.15am.

Using IFTT the nest cam can detect motion so i think i need to integrate an IFTTT applet into my flow.

All help appreciated.

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In your flow, you need to put in an IFTTT trigger card and give it a name that you will recognise in IFTTT.
In the And section add a card for The time is between…
In the Then section add a card to switch the light on and a card to switch the light off with a delay of 60. Save your flow.

Next, In IFTTT make sure Homey is added as a service. Then in your applet add Homey to the That section and select Start a Flow then pick the flow name you defined in the Homey card in Which Flow drop list.

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Thanks Adrian I’ll try that tonight but makes sense

Worked great thanks

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Welcome @gy_1977 ,

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I must admit I’m not sure how to do that!
I have looked at all the icons, etc, but nothing jumps out at me to do it. I’ve seen options in other forums to mark a reply as a solution but I can’t see anything here.

I would like to be able to do that as well, so could someone explain how please?

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You have to be the creator of the thread and then the following little tickbox will display


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