Google Nest camera activate a light scene


Could someone help me?
I have in my livingroom a Google Nest camera. What I want to try, I could not fix it. Maybe I think not on the right way.
When the camera detects motion I want that a flow activate a light scene. Is this possible? If this is possible. Can someone tell me how to create a flow like this.
Thanks in advance.

Add some time line messages to your flow, so you see why it is is not working as expected.
Or maybe you have not made any flow yet? Then start “New Flow” and share you flow here.

That looks good. Although the AND card might not be required. Because when a person is detected, motion will also be true.
So when this doesn’t work, delete the AND card, and add a timeline card in the THEN part to see if the flow is triggered.

Hello Rmb,

Thank you for thinking for a sollution.
Unfortunatelly, I did what you ask. But it still doesn’t work.

Then there is no trigger from the cam. What camera and app are you using?

Does something happen when you hit the blue run arrow?

That only replaces the trigger.
So if the trigger is the issue, it is of no use.

I know, but it rules out the THRN cards and then you are sure it is the trigger. So then the question is, which cam and which Homey App are being used. And try another camera trigger, maybe “when camera detects motion”. But lest wait for some test results😁

When I hit the run arrow, I get a notification that there is a trigger. So that’s works.
The camera what i have is a Google Nest indoor camera wired. The app what I use for this is the Google Nest app.

Try “motion was detected” and otherwise search the forum.

I have set it to motion. But unfortunately that didn’t make any sense. I give it up.

And so do I :disappointed_relieved:

It’s okay. Thank you very much for thinking for a solution.

  1. Did you test with the other triggercards as well?

If those cards also don’t trigger, I’d say there’s an issue with the app, and you should inform the app creator about this.
Support links can be found at the bottom of the app store page.

2. You use the ‘official’ app if I’m right. You can give the community app by Martin Verbeek a go

Hello Peter,

It’s indeed an issue with the app. None of the suggested won’t activate my light/ trigger.
Thanks for your help.

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