Welcome flow to trigger music and lights

Hi everyone.

I’ve been struggling with my “welcome” flow last two days. Maybe it’s a newbie question, but anyways, would be nice to get some guidance.
My scenario is to get my sonos playing and lights to turn on when Someone comes home. Ofcourse without any buttons pressed. Perfect timing would be when “came home” and “closed the door”.

  • open/closed sensor on the door,
  • Camera that can register motion at entrance,
  • Hue motion sensor
  • geofencing via Homey

I have read i advanced flow tutorial that two triggers will never work.
adding screenshot , ANY just for experiment and for possible triggers listing.

Any ideas how to make it work ?
Probably perfect would be ALL that can wait for few triggers in a certain time range, e.g. if camera detects mition and door was closed in last 5 seconds than …

Wrong :crazy_face: : two triggers connected to an ALL block will never work.

It works fine when you connect them in parallel to the next flowcard (with or without the ANY block)
So, your shown flow works perfectly fine :ok_hand:

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It works, but it would trigger too much. Any time I open a door , any time Someone is spotted by the camera, and any time someone comes home. *
I have tried several flows:" When someone comes home >>door is opened >> … "
never worked actually, because of Homeys geofencing delay.*
Probably would be besT to use camera + door sensor to register arrival. Any ideas ?

Already read your suggestion while was typing. Thanks for input, will try and test it :slight_smile: :+1:

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Thanks for help, Peter.

It took a bit more time than I expected, but it’s working :slight_smile: First I have tried boolean method, seems pretty easy and logical, but worked every third time, tried to find where error came from and made text message to timeline after each step. Just no luck, it just didn’t respond to boolean variable propperly, dunno why.

Timer method works like a charm. :+1:

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