Smart solution to flows for presence & door sensors?

Hi all,

I finally have time to get things done with Homey. All lights work with motion sensors, timing and other actions, but I am in doubt about the way flows should be set up using Smart Presence and the door sensors. That is, should I set up a flow for each door sensor and leave of both users (me and my wive, unless there’s a guest at home looking after our kids) or should I set a flow for each user leave and all door sensors together?

FYI: I would like Homey to check all doors and windows being closed before we leave the house for whatever reasons. If one is open, it should send us a message that door or window x is still open.

Any suggestions or examples is much appreciated.

As @RoyWissenburg says, you can do that with Heimdall.
More specific, the Pre Arming check that can trigger the Sensor active at arming flow card with a tag that has information which sensor is active or at a glance using the Device Status page.

Well, basically on the moment that the last person leaves the house. You know, when kids tend to jeopardize your morning routine and you need to rush to be in time everywhere. At that point I wish Homey to say: you forgot to close the window in the master bedroom.

I’ve been looking at Heimdall. I think I will use that too, but that’s more like someone has opened the door while no-one is at home (burglary). Or is that too narrow minded??

I have a group called Perimeter of all the door/window sensors.

[WHEN] - Jamie Leaves the house
[AND] - Perimeter contact alarm
[THEN] Notify Jamie - You have left something unlocked.

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@RoyWissenburg Thanks! Working on this!

@Jamie Perimeter? I assume that’s the name you gave to a group of devices? I didn’t know you can group these?

@Jacco_Overdulve I assume, the group is created with this app:

Thats correct @Twan_Veugelers - @Jacco_Overdulve you can group anything these days.

Does < groups > also group the energy-usage of the devices in it?

Yes, by default it will show the ‘sum’ of the meter_power or measure_power. But You can change it to be the highest/lowest/average/etc.

Thanks all, will try the suggested apps and come back to you when I have some first experience. Give me some time, there are some other priorities too :slight_smile: