Unlock door flow

This flow used to work before 2.0, but because presence don’t work properly anymore, I have to use Smart presence instead. And now it only works 1/20 times.

Its like this: When a user arrives, Then start a flow “unlock”. When this flow is started, And motion alarm is on, Then unlock front door.

I think it may have to do with the timing. What time window do I have from “this flow is started”, to motion have to be triggered? Is there anyway to extend that window?

I use Smart presence app, Ring doorbell for motion detection, and Yale doorman as lock.

The first question would be, wich of the 2 doesnt work :wink:

Trouble shooting start with the begining, so does your precense flow work?

The first one also sends me push notification, and turns on home mode. And those two work 100% at least. Worth to mention, motion is usually triggered by car when arriving in my driveway.

ok next…does the unlock flow work? did you use the test option? the test button replace the trigger in the “when colum”

Yep, it works.

so coclussion, or the flow isnt triggerd by your precense flow…

Or and you have to check it…….does the lock stays open or after a time (sec) its locked again. becuse then you have to make the timer longer that it stays open

When I used Homeys presence, the door was unlocked and locked too soon, so I turned off automatic lock completely. And now I get push every time door unlocks (and no push when I get home).

Using Homey presence, presence was triggered when about 50m from home, and before motion. And now motion triggers before presence.

wel when the flow is started……. motion has to be on otherwise the flow not gonna work.

i think, if i understand it right you wanna use a timer.

so let a timer start, when ariving.

and if timer runs and motion detected, unlock.

something like that

yes, that sounds about right! Only it would be the other way around, when motion -> timer to detect presence.

cool… i think you have something to play with tonight or tommorow :+1:


So, is this right:

flow 1: When motion is on, Then start timer “unlock, 100 seconds”
Flow 2: When a user arrived, And Timer is running “unlock”, Then unlock front door.

Looks good, just test a few days. You always can adjust the timer