Smart Presence sonos speech

Hey guys i want to create a flow where when I arrive home it can trigger a certain message via the sonos speech.
The problem is that now homey changes my presence to early based on my Geo location. so I tried via the smart precense app but the problem is that I want the flow to do so after I openend the door and i connect to the wifi and there is motion in the room.
Meaning the flow will start with the door sensor and it should wait untill my phone connect to the wifi to finish the flow.
And this is where my challenge starts. There is no Homey card "House member just arrived"in the AND section of the flow any one has a creative way to do so? thank you in advance

Flow 1:
WHEN person came home
THEN enable Flow 2

Flow 2:
WHEN front door opens
THEN yell something thru Sonos
AND disable Flow 2