Google Nest app

The Google Nest app is a nice addition. But unfortunately it doesn’t work properly. Adding devices via the computer works well. Only when one has two Nest cameras I have so far only managed to add one. The dual camera just doesn’t show up in the list. It also goes wrong with the flows. Although there are quite a few flow charts available, I haven’t managed to get even one to work yet. Also not the simplest such as if “Motion is detected” then “Turn on kitchen lamp”. Anyone have the same experience or am I missing something?

Same problem here. Added my Nest thermostat and four Nest camera’s today. I can see all camera’s in the Homey app and also in the Web app, but all four camera’s have the same name ( camera ) , but none of them is responding on a flow to send a notification on movement. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Same here, using Google Nest Cams to trigger some flows but it don’t work. Have tried motion, person detected, zone activity etc…

Only flow they seams to work is with the Nest Doorbell Cam, send me a snap shoot of the person in front of the camera via notification.

How did you manage this? I simply cant get Homey to send a snapshot.

I could be wrong, but think you need a Nest Protect subscription to use snapshots? I refuse to use it, but still wish I could watch images for 24h afterwards instead 3; that’s really short imo.

I don’t think that’s it, since i do subscribe. I’ve also attempted deleting and reinstalling the app entirely, which didn’t work either.

Isn’t this card needed, “update motion snapshot”, before you send it somewhere?

Damn, thought for a minute that was it. It doesn’t seem like google nest has any Then- and And-cards. There only seems to be When-cards.

Do you use the app store app, or the community version?

Both, but the one from the community store doesn’t support snapshots from newer cameras, only legacy.

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