Nest - Camera App

Hi I’m trying to create a flow that, when my nest camera detects motion within a zone, it will activate my security lights.

When I create a flow and select my camera I get the following screen but I cannot amend any of the variables.

I have an active nest aware subscription, anyone else seen this?

Choose a logic card in the “en” tap

Thanks all I’ll give this a try

Could somebody please explain me how to integrate the NEST camera App? Where to find it?

Can somebody explain how to add a nest cam to homey? There is no app or device available…

@MartijnT @Ivo_Stakenborg

If you would have use the search option on the forum you both would have found the answer.

As google decide to stop with nest api its not possible to add new devices with tha app after i believe september. Devices wich where added before that date would stil work.

As long there is no app for nest on homey thats using the google api, its not possible.

So i guess thats the reasso why they removed the app from the homey appstore (didnt check if its really deleted from the store)


It is very confusing because an updated article from athom (November 9, 2019, suggests that there is an app available for the Nest camera. Is there a way to add the Nest camera as a virtual camera? Where / how do I find the snapshot url?

Guess thats article isnt update then.

As long athom isnt making a app with the google api (they need permission, i believe) you cant use it.

There is no way, to get it working without the use off the api.

Is there still no solution to get Nest Cam to work with Homey?



Is it possible to make the cameras to trigger a “scene” in Google home, when detection a motion?