Choosing devices in Flows

Just received my Homey last night so only just starting out…

I have added Hue, Ring, Harmony Oregon (couldn’t find any of the six sensors in the house) and Wireless Weather Sensors (which only finds a few but not all Oregon temp sensors).

Wanted to Create a flow that reported Master Bedroom Temp change flow.

Selected Devices - A sensor’s value changed - the Tags are blank - and cant enterName Zone or Value so can’t find a way to track an individual temp sensor - seems to respond to every sensor in the house including Hue Motion (temp) devices?

It seems that there should be a way to isolate which sensor ?

What am I missing here?


Check here.

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I was selecting System/Devices instead of the actual device as it was a Device I was trying to add, I expected to When {Device} then be allowed to fill in the Tags that are there but not editable.

Hence the confusion.