Help representing outside temperature in colours

I am new to Homey. I am in the process of porting from smartthings hub. As I am a newbie, it is challenging to recreate all the functionality in homey. As a starter I am trying to recreate a scene/routine/flow the children find amusing using Homey.
I have a sensative sensor which provides the temperature in Celsius periodically. I have a Philips hue bulb which I want to represent the current temperature, obtained from the sensative strip, in colours. In other words, cold weather should produce cold colours whereas warmer weather should produce warmer colours. I have this implemented in Smarthings, but I don’t have enough insight into Homey Flows to do the same. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

You could make a flow, WHEN temperature changed, AND Logic (use the upper tag temperature) temperature is greater then 0-15 Logic tag temperature is less than 15, THEN Philips hue scene blue.

Thank you for your advice, but as I haven’t got any experience with flows, how do I add upper(?) Tag or tags in homey in general. Are there any tutorials on this

@Arash_Moradi a little search on this forum brings this link…maybe it will help you

Thank you very much. I will have a read and see if I can make it