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Automatic Color Change

Hello all together,

since a while i playing with my new homey and now i have one question.
could someone tell me the app-name or the flow-construction for the following scenario:
a hue bulb shall change the color sequently in an continuous loop.
I tested this with the app " Transitions" but this app only works only with “numbers”.

thank you for your help.

all the best

Have you tried changing the Hue value of the bulb using a numerical value? Internally, it’s a numerical value between 0 and 1.

Anything that has a slider in the flow card can be overwritten by a number token/tag, that includes the hue and saturation cards (they are separate from the color card).
But even temperature (like thermostats).

I can explicitly confirm that you can do this with transitions.

@robert thanks i will check that tomorrow

@jamie sounds great!! how do you do that? with 0 and 1 ?

Hey Itchy as @caseda mentioned, you can actually overwrite the value of any slider with a tag. By dragging it on top.

So you create your flow for the transition, then a second flow which which is triggered when the transition value changes.


If you have any specify questions about things you don’t understand after checking out :


Let us know.

okay so with “set a color” i set only ONE color for the given bulb and with “set the hue” i can change the color between 0-360 correct?

every day i learn more about homey and it is fantastic. :)))

Well its get a bit complicated, but basically when it comes to ‘color’, particularly HSL/HSV (which HUE Bulbs use).

So the ‘colour’ of your lamp is actually made of of three specific values, The Hue ( or what you would think of as the actual colour) the Saturation (how much of the colour) and the Lightness (ie How bright). And while you would expect them to be values 0-360 : in homey they are actually values between 0 and 1 (ie. 0.736).

Ok now thats out of the way and ive totally confused everyone.

  1. Download the transitions app https://apps.athom.com/app/name.klep.transitions

  2. Create a new flow, using what ever you want for your trigger/conditions - which will start a new transition. (read the apps README for details). But for the reasons described above, you want it to start at 0 and end at 1.

  3. Create a Second Flow, this one will be triggered when ever a transition is changes value - and when that happens you with in your [then] place the cards to change Hue/Saturation/Brightness, (or any combination).

  4. Drag the value tag from the Transition changing card ontop of your new Hue/Saturation/Brightness cards.

  5. Finally in order to continuously loop it, when the transition ends, create a flow to start it again.

  • I personally use it to change the colour of some lamps from cold white to warm white as the evening progresses, then into red and finally nightlight.

  • I am going off my memory, as my Honey deletes all of its flows a couple of times a day. :pensive:

If you just want to loop through the colours, you might want to checkout the colorloop scene which comes with your Hue Hub.

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okay i found the solution for one problem… with the homey desktop software you can’t use the “value” flag, but with the browser-version it works. nice to know… :))))

so but it doesn’t work anyway and i don’t know why. could someone please check my flows. thank you!
these flows are only for testing actually.


the other two flows are like the hue_flow but with the other two transition names and other bulb settings.

but nothing works, only the bulb goes on and thats all.
so help a stupid buddy to find the solution. :))))

found the error by myself. :))