Hue Motion Sensor action

In the original Hue app you can set that when motion is detected the lamps go to a specific state and after the they go to the previous state. If that was a dim level or off.

I want to simulate this also in a Homey flow but don’t know if it possible.
Anyone already done this?

The only thing I have at the moment is:

That’s possible but you have to build it yourself. Push the settings to a variable (dim, color, etc) and then after motion settings have been applied for a certain time revert back to the settings.

I know how to read and set dim level in flows, but how do you read and set color?

It’s not possible to read out the color and set it to a variable.

Try this App, maybe it helps.

Thank you.
Looks like this one will work for the solution I want to use it for.