Using lux value of Hue motion sensor in a flow


I’m trying to setup a flow that executes when the lights sensor of my Hue motion sensor reaches a certain lux value. Is that possible? I don’t see that option in the card of the motion sensor…

Thank you!


Try using this WHEN card

and use
AND logics card “value is above” X or “value is below” X
The tag you have to pick here is “luminance” from te “Local tags”.
(“Helderheid” = Dutch for “Luminance”)

Example flow

Or something like this (Ignore the and conditions and the timer I stop, that is for something else). The difference with the previous example is that this one triggers only when the value changes from higher to lower, not also on lower to even lower, and so on.

I couldn’t find that option in the Hue sensors’ flow cards Edwin, so that’s why I made an example with the logics condition card :wink:.

The question is: Which app is @PaulArts using? The Hue app with or without bridge?
This is why you and Edwin have different flow cards.

It is indeed a Hue sensor, but without the hub in my case. I would be surprised if the other app behaved different, unless it uses non standard capabilities. But this function is added though Homey firmware. Are you running the latest firmware, or an older one?

I found out the flow cards in the app store (which I used) do not correspond to those in the app itself :roll_eyes: :no_mouth:. I.should.have.known

So it is possible both Hue apps have the “if luminance is greater/smaller than” trigger cards.

Example of Aqara sensor:

That’s the reason why I said, that it depends on the app.
Before I made my post I looked in the app store at the Philips Hue App I don’t use my own and there was no „Luminance becomes more/less than…“ card. And because I use the Philips hue, without bridge app I know that this card is available. But now I had a look into the app store and this card is also missing by this app.
So you can’t rely on which cards are shown in the App Store and which cards are actually available in the app.

Sorry @PaulArts, we’re getting off topic. For what you need, you can generally use both Flow versions. I would prefer the flow from Edwin, but that also depends somewhat on what you want to use the flow for.

As I explained above, the new cards are added to default capabilities by Homey firmware. Homey 6.1.0 to be exact. The app store bases the flow cards it shows on the capabilities mentioned in the apps manifest, but I do not know if it also takes into account your current firmware if you’re logged in. I assumed it the latest firmware. Now I see the app store no longer mentiones them for me too, so maybe they decided to pick the lowest common denominator…

But as for what you can actually use, the question remains, what firmware are you on?

There’s not much difference from app to app apart from wether they rely on default cards for capabilities. If the app uses custom capabilities that the firmware does not supply default cards then the developer needs to add them.