Flow to use brightness sensor in Aqara Motion Sensor?

I am a bit disapointed that I have to ask this question here as I thought it would be easy and I use Homey now for a few weeks but I am not able to use the brightness sensor of an Aqara Motion Sensor in a flow.

I want to switch on/off lights when there is motion but only if the Lux level is below a certain value. Unfortunately I cant find in the “if” and “and” Section of the flow any reference to the Lux level.

I thought it would be as easy as " if motion" and “Lux < 10” then “switch lights on”. But seems not the case and I couldnt find the answer in the forum here either.

Thanks for any hint.

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Maybe this can help.

Thanks a lot ! This indeed helps ! In the tags the motion sensors “brightness” appear and can be used in the “AND” Section.

Thanks again. I havent had experience yet using tags.