Not all features in a flow

Hello everyone. I’m a newcomer to this platform, and I’m still studing how to create flows in the right way.
One think I cannot understand, is why some freatures of some devices are present in some scenarios, and not in others.
For example. I have an Aqaea movement sensor. If I start to create a flow, in the “when” part I get all this possibilities

But if I go in the “and” part of the flow I get a very few possibilities

I would like to create a flow that says
aqara is activated (the first choise of the first image)
lumix is lower then xxx ( the second choise higlited in the first picture that is missing in the second)
turn on the lights

Do I miss something?

thank you

Try Homey logic and the lux tag from the sensor

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For beginners :wink:

As AND condition choose:

( greater than).

In the card you can choose the global tag from teh device. The tag is corresponding to the capability, you can see in the device sensor view):
Klick on the tag field and search for you device. Than select a tag.

Set the value you want to compare with in the second card field.

PS: apps are often only provide “main” or “most used” conditions as condition card. Other capabilities you can find as global tag.


OK, this could be a “workaround” (still don’t know why part of the possibilities are hidden, but does not matter).
Now I’ve created a new flow:
some zone is active (I mean the motion sensor is triggered)
logic > luminosity is lower than 100 (now it is 143)
turn on all the lights.

I want that the lights are turned on only when it is dark.
The fact is that the light turns on anyway if I move, no matter if it is dark or bright in the room?! Do I miss something?

BTW thank you for the fast reply :wink:

Afaik, Aqara Motion Sensor update their lux value only then, when the Motion Sensor is triggered. So in your case it should be, that the lux value was < 100 lx when the MS was triggered. The difference between 143 and 100 lx is not that much.
To check this you can send for example a push notification with the current lux value when the MS was triggered. Or you can lower the lux value from 100 to 50 e.g. and try it again.

Btw, it’s almost helpful for the other user to post/share the real flow instead of describing them only in words. Even if it’s in a foreign language.

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Lol, almost or almost always? :wink:

Hello, I’m back with my problem.
I did as you told me.
Actually the flow is
the zone is active
logic when lumonosity is less the 70
turn on all the lights in the zone

to do some tests, I’ve added also in the “then” part

push a notification with the value of the luminosity.

the fact is that the push notification tells me that the value is olways 0 !!! :open_mouth:

how is that possibile?

Don’t know. Maybe you used the wrong Tag?
Which lux value is shown in the device tile when you go into this zone?

I’m so dum… I was using the first in the list of lux, not the right one.
I’m still getting used to the UI, so sorry. You were right!
with the right lux everything works! :slight_smile:

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