Send hue, saturation, dim level and onoff status to Ikea Trådfri bulb

I have connected an Ikea E14 RGB-bulb directly to Homey and will be using it as a reading lamp and also as an alarm lamp.

Normally the bulb will be used with a warm white tone with ~50% dim. But when the variable alarm_activated (boolean) i set to true I would like it to change to an Intense red light.
I have managed to create flows to read the current hue/dim/saturation/onoff and save them in variables, so that I can return to those settings once the alarm has been deactivated.
And I have managed to set the values independently to the bulb without problems. But I often need to insert a delay of one second in between the different command that sends the values (dim/hue/saturation) because it will only change one of the values if they are sent at the same time in parallel.

Is there a way to send all values in one single command or do you have any other suggestions how I can manage this?

For example:
The bulb has been used as a reading lamp and later turned off. The alarm gets triggered and the value for the variable alarm_activated=true triggering a flow that switches on the bulb to an intense red light.
When the alarm gets deactivated the bulb should reacquire it’s old values and also turn off (so that next time it gets turned on normally it has its warm white-values.
Homey would need to in an instant send dim=0.4, hue=0.1, saturation=0.6 and onoff=false to the bulb (I don’t want to send three commands with a delay of one second in between and finishing with the on/off-command)