Can't change any value of tags in flows anymore


A few days ago I could change values in “when” tags (e. g. temperature has changed to: xx ’ C) in a flow. Now it only says e. g :" when temperature has changed to e.g. 26 ’ C". Cannot access/change the value. Have tried on computer through the flow website as well. Put Homey in recovery mode without any success afterwards. My Homey Pro is with the latest update.

Thankful for any help. Have just bought a lot of new smart devices and want to make my home smart.


How to use tags in a flow. <—Link, Click!

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Thank you! :smile:

Still wondering how u did that.

I really don’t know. The first flow I did was a dimmer configuration between a Z wave plug-in dimmer and Philips Hue bulb using the tag value of dim level to make the Z wave follow the hue bulb. Was at work offshore and connected remotely. Could change the configuration a few days ago when showing the app to a colleague.


There is no “and” card in this flow.

Not gonna say it’s impossible, just say i never seen it since 2.x of Homey firmware.

Weird thing, but thank you anyway. Somfy Roller motors incoming tomorrow. Ready for making more flows now :smile:

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Anytime. Have fun with Homey!

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