Anyone got their nest doorbell to work with homey?

Anyone got there Nest doorbell or camera’s to work with homey? None of the flow cards seem to work for me (not even the most elementary one like ‘when the doorbell rings do this’… When I ready the reviews it seems like I am not the only one having this issue and most posts here in the forums seems to be from quite long ago before the homey pro 2023 was released.

Hi Alex,

I wondered, when you’ve read the reviews, you should’ve also read where to go for support?
Athom is the app creator, so I’d like to suggest to write to Athom support.

Alternatively, there’s also a community app, Google Nest SDM
You could consider installing that one → but be patient, the community store is temporary out-of-order.

Yeah I contacted support… was actually just wondering if other people did get it to work and maybe I made a mistake somewhere.
Interesting that community site… I never knew this one was around! I hope they get it working again soon.

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