No triggers from Nest Doorbell

I bought a Homey Pro mainly because of the intergration with Nest and many zigbee products I already have.
Unfortunately: my Nest doorbell does not send any trigger via Homey. Not upon movement, not upon seeing a person and not upon pressing the bell. Several questions have been asked about this same problem, but nowhere does it come to a concrete answer / solution.
It would be very strange if Homey does not (properly) support a major brand like Nest. The official Nest App from Homey itself should work just fine.
Question 1: why doesn’t this work and why has it apparently been like this for a long time?
Question 2: is there another just working solution? For example, can this be done with HomeyScript (javascript is not a problem for me)?

I installed the app Google Nest sdm from HCS and it works fine with my Nest Hello and google max cam.
I tried with the official Nest app on Homey store but it never worked…

Ask the developer of the app. In this case it is Athom itself. So my recommendation is to contact Athom and report the bug.

The problem with the alternatively Google Nest app from the HCS (Homey Community App Store) is, that the HCS is actually down for maintenance.
If the app is available on GitHub, it can be installed via CLI, but I don’t know if it’s available because I don’t use the app myself.

Thanks for the answers Ewen / Fantross. I can read in several threads that the developer (Athom) was asked to fix it. So no point in repeating that. I am just wondering why Athom itself is not fixing this. That makes me wonder how reliable this Homey system is.
Pointing at a HCS solution does not help either. That side-system is down apparently. Also makes me wonder how reliable all this is. And why is the alternative Google app not available in the Homey site itself. Al lot of comunity developed apps are available there. Why is this app only available in a side system that is down?
Nevertheless, the Homey system looks very promising, but there are some flaws.

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My recommendation is to contact Athom anyway. The more complaints Athom gets related to a problem, the higher it is prioritized. At least that is my personal assumption.

The apps from the HCS are more or less as reliable, as the apps from the official app store. The reason why there is an extra HCS is explained in first post of the HCS thread (Link).