Nest doorbell

Hi my Google hello nest doorbell doesn’t work in flows ex doorbell rang dont trigger.
I am using google nest app and homey pro.
why not.
/ Kenth B

Please post your flow, so we can take a look. Which app do you use for these flows.

I use The Google nest App

I have the same issue with my Nest Doorbell as well - (I have the first generation device) - No triggers/when cards work…
I created a support ticket with Athom and they had me try a bunch of different things (even removing all my devices from Google Home), but nothing worked.

The last update I got from them was this:

We are actively working on this issue, however as part of the issue seems to be on Google’s side, and part on our side, it is hard to resolve.
I’ll reach out to you as soon as I have an update.

That was in the middle of september. I tried contacting them to see if there was an update some time later, but heard nothing back…

As far as I have understood the integration should work on the newer devices.

Thank you for the answer / Kenth B.

I use the Google Nest SDM from the community store, but my flow also doesn’t work anymore. As a workaround this next approach works. I made a virtual switch in Homey(device/homey) called Nest virtual doorbell. Made a flow, When the virtual doorbell is on, Then … whatever you want, Then delay 10 sec, Then turn off virtual doorbell.

In google home this virtual doorbell will appear(settings in Homey… …/more/settings/google assistant).

In google home make a routine, Starter… Nest doorbell went off, Action Turn on Virtual Doorbell. Save your routine.

When your doorbell goes off, Homey will start the flow…

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Hi it worked fine .
Thank you
Happy weekend to you and your Homey
Kenth B

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Hi all!

I am waiting for my Homey Pro to be produced/shipped and until then I am use case testing in Home Assistant and for some reason, Nest doorbell is the worst integration yet. (A long delay before button press is active in HA)

So my simple use case is this:

Doorbell is pressed.
chime.mp3 (I have it locally or as a playlist in Spotify) should play on google nest speaker or homepod Mini, whatever works fastest.

As little delay as possible between button press and chime in speaker.

Does this work for you?