Flow with ifttt, what am i doing wrong

So i’m basically trying to set my bedside light to go on when my Android alarm goes off.
I have ifttt installed on homey.
Created a flow on homey with if iftttt, then light will dim to 70%.
Created an applet on ifttt with the alarm notification triggering the flow on homey.

Doesn’t work though.
Sorry, I’m new to this stuff. Any help would be appreciated!

I’m using ifttt to start flows, but I’m not using the “start flow with tags” option.
I made the flows in homey starting with the “if this flow has been started” trigger card.
These flows can then be selected in ifttt, when using the “start a flow” option.

Is the trigger coming from ifttt or homey?

If the alarm is triggered from ifttt you want state in IFTTT “if alarm triggers” “then start homey flow”.

In homey you create a flow stating “when this flow is started” etc.

Apparently ifttt had notification access turned off in the Android settings. Turned it on and used the setup you guys suggested and now it works like it should.


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