Homey Bridge + Android clock + flow

Hi, do you have any idea how to make such automation? I am using homey bridge. I would like an alarm clock on my android phone to trigger flow. So the alarm clock is ringing, the blinds open, the sonos loudspeakers are activated, etc.
A similar solution was shown in one of the videos on the homey channel, but it was made on iOS/siri.

You can use IFTTT & Homey for that. In IFTTT: IF notification recieved from Clock, (opt.: containing…), then start flow. In Homey, create new Flow Alarm Clock. If started, then…
Should work with Bridge as well.

Other option: use the Routines from Google Clock app. Pro: good integration. Con: Starts when clock is turned off.

Good luck!

Unfortunately IFTTT is not available on Homey Bridge. Never say never, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

But it is possible to fire a webhook from ittt to Homey to start a flow.

Edit: but I don’t know whether webhooks are available on Homey bridge.

Yes Webhooks work with homey bridge.

Neat how-to:

I’ve tried this with Macrodroid. It can read notifications and send webhooks to Homey cloud.
BUT, I didn’t get the trigger right when the alarm clock app was not in foreground