Physical alarm clock to trigger flows

I’m trying to figure out if there’s an alarm clock I can have on my bedside table that can trigger flows?
I don’t want to bring my phone to the bedroom, and I want an alarm clock where I can adjust the alarm time with buttons. Does anyone have any solutions? As far as I can see, the Lametric needs you to set the alarm on your phone, and can’t be activated or adjusted on that clock itself, so if that is correct, it is ruled out…

That’s a neat idea! Thank you!
I guess any radio-clock would work perfectly for that. Most other are battery run😅
I was hoping for a solution where the product like Lemaitre or a Lenovo Smart clock would trigger a flow, but I guess at least the Lenovo version would work with the smart-plug option you described too, after a bit of research into the correct threshold.

I use the Lenovo Smart Clock and a combination of Google-routine and a Homey-flow.

At the scheduled alarm time the Smart Clock starts the Good Morning routine defined in Google Assisrant. (After you have stopped the alarm manually!).
This routine sets a virtual device Wekker that I defined in Homey and is synced to Google.
Finally, Wekker triggers a Homey-flow.

When setting an alarm on the Lenovo Smart Click you have to check the option “start Good Morning routine “, otherwise it will not run after the alarm is stopped.

Works very nice.

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