Flow based on Mobile Device alarm (read alarm time from Android)


I’d like to create a flow based on the alarm time on my android device - is this somehow possible? One example:

  • I have set alarm on various times on my mobile phone throughout the week
  • I have room blinds set to close over the night to make for some more isolation and less heating needed
  • I’d like to set blinds to open 10 minutes before my alarm wakes me up in the morning

Example flow:

  • if the alarm is on (user/all users) between 6-11am, open the blinds 5 minutes before the alarm rings (because who wants to get up when it’s completely dark inside right? :slight_smile:

I could do that in Alarm app on android, but this is just an example and would honestly prefer to have it all in one place (homey) :slight_smile:

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For Android, you could look into Tasker and AutoAlarm.

AutoAlarm can detect when you change/add/remove an alarm
Tasker can then send a Webhook to Homey
Homey can start a flow which edits an existing alarm with a HomeyScript
Use that alarm in a Flow which trigger your blinds/lights/music etc.

I also found this topic Use Homey to set or delete an alarm on Android and start a flow when the alarm rings